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Exploring mind through heART

Did you know at Iris Art Lab, we cultivate authenticity and ignite passions in every child through creativity and mindfulness? Ready to embark on this transformative journey with us?

Iris Art Kits

Creative Calm Through Embroidery kit

Embroidery offers children a mindful escape, engaging their senses with textures and patterns, promoting calm, creativity, and mental well-being.

Workshops: Unveiling Authentic Passion

Our creative workshops provide a nurturing environment where children can explore their unique creativity, fostering authenticity and discovering their inner passion through self-expression and artistic discovery.

Insights from our Artists

Delve into the captivating world of our artists’ unique visions.

Embroidery kit

Poojitha’s fascination with embroidery is rooted in a love for the meticulous craft, a journey that began with the exploration of various stitches and techniques. She aims to not only create art but to share stories, evoke emotions, and connect with others who appreciate the magic woven into every stitch.

Poojitha Anirudh
Embroidery Artist

Crochet Kit

From childhood, Kamali loved crafting and find joy in creating for loved ones. Though unfamiliar with crochet, her fascination led her to learn it thoroughly. It brings her immense satisfaction and joy to teach expectant mothers; and to see their little ones adorned in handmade creations.

Kamali Shree
Crochet Artist

Lippon Art Kit

Vidya’s passion started with doodling, and went on to learn different techniques of art. She expresses her deepest thoughts and ideas with others through art leaving her with a feeling of serenity. Some of her favourite art forms include glass painting, lippan art, mandala art and resin art.

Vidya Bharathi

Terracotta Kit

Nithya is an An art learner , facilitator, therapist and interior designer. She works to produce depth and luminosity in colours using acrylics, oil on canvas, soft pastels, charcoal and mixed media through abstractions, representations and portraiture, inspired by the cosmic mystery of our Earth.

Nithya Sairam
Terracotta Artist

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